Welcome to my personal blog 🗒

The main purpose of this is to track my progress in development, drawing & in life general. When I gain more knowlegde, hopefully I will start writing some educational content too 📚

General Blog

Planning: Todoist 🗓


Planning is a very essential part of my daily routine.

It helps me to sort through my thoughts, plan which tasks I should do at the given day & upcoming days as well. I also like to save articles & technologies that I would like to read and/or learn, to become a better developer.

I wasn't looking for a tool that has a ton of functions because I don't want to get caught up with it & spend too much time with the tool. I needed something simple, with a good UI. That's why Todoist was a good fit for me. I just create tasks and sort them. That's it, pretty simple huh.

The main purpose of this tool for me is to plan my days in advance & stop worrying about stuff too much, since I will do it when the time comes 🙏

Sat Dec 11 2021

Productivity: Scoreboard 📈


About a week ago I created myself a so called score board where I will track all my doings related to development. This includes knowledge (articles, docs, videos), coding, UI & UX design, algorithms & data structures.

The goal is to do 5 tasks a day to reach my ultimate goal of become the best version of myself. So far it works great for me. It gives me additional motivation to be productive.

Typically my day consists of reading 2 articles related to development. Coding (at work & at home for my personal project) & designing (also for my personal project). If I have time I also learn some problem solving patterns for algorithms.

To sum up this post, I think score boards are a great tool to focus on what you want to achieve ultimately. It gives your journey as a developer or whatever you want to do, some consistency.

Have a great day 💫✨

Thu Dec 09 2021

1 Year Coding Anniversary 🎉 ✨ 🚀

Today is a pretty special day for me, since I started coding exactly one year ago. It all started with an udemy course and now here I am, constantly trying to improve & build full stack applications.

Let's see where this journey will take me & hopefully I will be able to achieve my dreams someday. Happy 1 year anniversary to myself! 🎉

Tue Nov 30 2021

Project Blog

Huh.. there's no post here yet 💤

Drawing Journey



Today I drew my cat called Narin. But unfortunately we needed to give her away a while ago .. 😭 I still miss her & the missing part will probably last forever. Nevertheless, here's my angel.


Sun Feb 20 2022

My Algorithm Journey

Soon, I will start the infamous 75 Algorithms created by a former facebook tech-lead. I will track my progress here & hopefully I will be able to solve them all some day.. Wish me luck!






Missing Number

Climbing Stairs

Number of 1 Bits

Sum of Two Integers

Container With Most Water

3 Sum

Search in Rotated Sorted Array

Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array

Maximum Product Subarray

Maximum Subarray

Product of Array Except Self

Contains Duplicate

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock

Two Sum

Jump Game

Unique Paths

Decode Ways

House Robber II

House Robber

Combination Sum IV

Word Break

Longest Common Subsequence

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Coin Change

Reverse Bits

Counting Bits